Frequently Asked Questions - Magnetic Eyes Edition!

Frequently Asked Questions - Magnetic Eyes Edition!

We have gathered all of your questions as of recent and popped em in a fun blog post for ya! Did we miss any?! let us know!

1. What's the Magic Behind Magnetic Eyes?
No glue, no mess, just pure magic. Magnetic Eyes are our spellbinding eyelash extensions that cling to your lashes with a magnetic eyeliner.

2. How Do These Wonders Stick to My Eyes?
Our Magnetic Eyes come with a special eyeliner that's like a magnet's BFF. Swipe it on, let it dry, and those lashes will leap onto your lash line

3. Are My Eyes Safe with This Sorcery?
Absolutely! The magical potion (a.k.a. our eyeliner) is crafted with skin-loving ingredients. But hey, if you've got sensitive peepers or any eye concerns, a skin patch test will put your mind at ease

4. How Long Will My Lashs Last?
Treat your Magnetic Eyes right and they'll be your loyal companions for many nights out. With a gentle touch and a cozy home (their case), they'll stick with you through thick and thin, potentially for weeks or even months!

5. Can I Flaunt These with My Specs or Contacts?
Of course! Magnetic Eyes are like your lash-loving sidekicks. They'll snugly fit under your glasses and won't fuss with your contacts. It's a clear vision to glam city, with no stops in between.

6. How Do I Put These Babies On?

Shake that liner like you're mixing a potion.
Draw a line where your lashes meet your lid.
Wait till it's tacky (a minute or so).
Pop on your lashes. Adjust to perfection.
Voilà! You're now a lash magician.

7. How Do I Bid Them Adieu at Day's End?
Gently coax them off from the outer corner, like whispering a sweet goodbye. Cleanse your lids with some makeup remover and give those lash magnets a tender wipe. They'll be ready for your next event.

8. Can I Trim These Magical Strips?
Got a unique eye shape? No problemo! Snip-snip away from the outer edge to keep the magic intact while custom fitting them to your beautiful eyes.

9. Are They Afraid of Water?
They're water-resistant, not waterproof. So, let's keep our lash adventures on dry land, shall we?

10. How Do I Keep Them Looking Enchanting?
After each wear, give those magnets a gentle clean to keep them sticky. A cozy spot in their case keeps them safe from harm until your next outing.

11. Mascara: Friend or Foe?
Mascara is like the pre-party to your lash extravaganza. Apply it to your natural lashes before the Magnetic Eyes come out to play. But let's keep our magnetic beauties pristine by not loading them up with mascara, okay?

12. Where Can I Uncover These Treasures?
on our official website!

Got more questions? Curiosities? Magical inquiries? Shoot them our way, and let's keep this conversation as sparkly as your new lash look! ✨
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