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Here are a few of our most commonly asked questions below!


Do magnetic lashes damage your eyelashes?

Magnetic Eyes magnetic lashes wont damage your natural lashes at all. (used correctly, of course.)

They adhere to your eyelid, rather than your own lashes (unlike lash extensions or glue lashes) so your own lashes will stay safe and sound.


 Can you wear magnetic lashes everyday?

 Unlike traditional strips, magnetic eyelashes can be reused over and over again, but only if you keep them CLEAN and stored in their case,


Can you sleep with magnetic eyelashes on?

 No, you should NOT sleep with magnetic lashes still on. We highly recommend that you remove your lashes before getting your beauty sleep. Keeping them on while you snooze could damage the magnetic lash permanently.


Can you wear mascara with your M.E magnetic lashes?

 Yes, you can wear mascara with any of your M.E lash styles. ... BUT it is vital that you apply your mascara BEFORE applying your magnetic lashes and not after so that you don't get makeup on your lashes.


 Is magnetic eyeliner bad for you?

 It's not a problem with the magnets adhering to the eyelid skin, so apply them only as directed (do not apply these to your eyeball and youll be sweet!). Magnets do not cause any kind of disruption in your eye movements or your vision.