Brand Story

After having two daughters,  I no longer had the time to keep running to my eyelash extension artist. It was taking up too much time, and costing me a small fortune while on mat leave. Over time, I really noticed the toll it was taking on my natural lashes anyway…They became really brittle, weak and short after the years of pressure from the eyelash extensions and glue. I could have “stuck” to glue lashes, (what a messy and hit-and-miss approach that can be!) I could have gone without or could have kept doing what I was doing. However, when going on this little journey to create the perfect lash solution, I also discovered long wear lash glue can contain some NASTY chemicals, such as formaldehyde...No thanks. 

Then, after trying the ‘sandwich’ style of magnetic lashes (that go above and below your top lashes) I totally ruled magnetic lashes out. (I could never actually get them on, such a hassle). Then I found out that magnetic eyeliner existed. With a healthy dose of scepticism, I decided to be the test dummy and go find a better solution to the lash dilemma. There was so much room for improvement in the styles and the liner currently available!

Over the months we tested like mad until finally deciding what we would like to create AND (most importantly) what our customers and clients actually wanted. We got to work on those improvements and created Magnetic Eyes.

Magnetic Eyes offer a lash option that is easy to apply, fun to use and is a 100% feel good, confidence boost kinda product. It's NOT about not being good enough as you are - it IS about having tools to boost your creativity and confidence. Enhancing what you have, you can look and feel sexy without too much effort or hassle. If you so choose!

Magnetics Eyes liner & lashes are cruelty free, vegan friendly and 90% biodegradable. Australian/NZ owned, our lash empire has baked philanthropy into it from day one! We decided that if we were going to create this business, we would have a bigger WHY behind it. So we decided that a % of all profits will go to the amazing Share the Dignity charity Australia and Women's Refuge New Zealand. 

Share the Dignity is a Charity bringing dignity to homeless, at-risk and those experiencing domestic violence in Australia and Women's Refuge is a home security and safety service for people affected by domestic violence in New Zealand. They are both incredibly inspiring charities that do amazing work in our little corner of the world! 

We have a vision of creating an empire that will not only make women look and feel beautiful, not only save women loads of cash and time, BUT it will support women on their journeys as makeup artists, makeup enthusiasts, women in need (through our philanthropic work) and provide value & connection through our monthly emails and social channels.

Thank you for supporting us! We look forward to finding new and fun ways of helping and supporting you xoxo